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On 8 March 2015, I created this website and decreed that Heiress Software existed.

Well before that: I started making computer games when I was 6 or 7 years old. That was when my dad introduced me to programming on our then brand new Apple II+ computer. I've continued to create or help develop games ever since.

In 2009 my interest fell anew upon interactive fiction: text adventures and prose-based games, especially parser-driven ones. It's an area in game development which still, above most others, offers the potential for a single person to craft a whole, highly detailed world in the image of whatever they're interested in. Making these games also draws together my interests and experience in all the areas of writing, game development and programming – and sometimes visual art and music, too.

My game about a children’s birthday party, Six, came 2nd out of 38 games in the 2011 Interactive Fiction Competition (IFComp), and I’ve helped test, or produced artwork or music for, a range of other IF games, including 2012 IFComp winner Andromeda Apocalypse and the unique roguelike Kerkerkruip.

I had an initial three-game plan for Heiress. That is, I had three solid IF game ideas that I wanted to release under this banner. The three were broadly related to each other by their scale, aesthetics and a degree of darkness. I’ve since had a fourth idea which has queue-jumped to position two, while the now third and fourth ideas argue about which of them might actually be third.

The Heiress logo was designed by Marco Innocenti.
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